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Medical On Group Mytishchi
Medical On Group Kazan
Medical On Group Lipetsk
Medical On Group Murmansk
Medical On Group Krasnoyarsk
On Clinic Chisinau
Medical On Group Odintsovo
On Clinic Prague
On Clinic Bucharest
On Clinic Constanta
On Clinic Brasov
On Clinic Brno
Medical On Group Yaroslavl
On Clinic Sofia
On Clinic Varna
On Clinic Burgas
On Clinic Kharkov
On Clinic Dnepropetrovsk
On Clinic Donetsk
On Clinic Lugansk
On Clinic Mariupol
On Clinic Nikolaev
On Clinic Odessa
On Clinic Poltava
On Clinic Sevastopol
On Clinic Sumy
On Clinic Sibiu
On Clinic Oradea
On Clinic Piatra Neamt
On Clinic Craiova
On Clinic Valcea
On Clinic Baia Mare
On Clinic Iasi
On Clinic Targu Mures
On Clinic Vaslui
On Clinic Timisoara
On Clinic Tulcea
Medical On Group Lyubertsy
Medical On Group Saint Petersburg
Medical On Group Saint Petersburg South
Medical On Group Saint Petersburg North
Medical On Group Kama
Medical On Group Novosibirsk
Medical On Group Orenburg
Medical On Group Perm
Medical On Group Samara
Medical On Group Toliatty
Medical On Group Tumen
Medical On Group Ufa
Medical On Group Khabarovsk
Medical On Group Irkutsk
Uro-Pro Medical Center Sochi
Uro-Pro Medical Centre Krasnodar
About On Clinic
On Clinic is an international Dutch company that has been operating a network of private clinics throughout the world for over 30 years.
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News of On Clinic
Medical On Group is planning to open a new branch in the beautiful city of Belgorod. The branch in Belgorod, will offer to the citizens living not far from the Ukraine border special ambulatory services in the medical fields of Proctology, Urology, Gynecology, Dermatology, Cosmetology and laboratory.
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