On Clinic chain has more than 25 years of experience in proctology, and is deservedly recognized as the world's leading chain in this field. The treatments spare patients the need for surgery, hospitalization and anesthesia.
Founded in 1987, On Clinic was the first network of private clinics in the world to offer the male population treatment for sexual functioning.
The On Clinic gynecologist accompanies a woman throughout her years of fertility, pregnancy and births, and offers advice in all matters related to fertility, recommends hormonal treatments, provides information about birth control if necessary, treats infections, illnesses and chronic infections typical of the female reproductive system, and of course accompanies her through the menopause period after the fertility age and during the golden years.
On Clinic's dermatologists specialize in treating the dermatological symptoms of Psoriasis using natural methods without hormones and without steroids.
The innovative treatment methods used at On Clinic enable bothersome and unaesthetic veins to vanish without requiring surgery.
Chronic wounds
On Clinic surgeons use innovative ambulatory technologies that enable healing of chronic, hard to heal wounds without invasive surgical intervention.
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The importance of esthetics in our lives is unmistakable. Modern men and women are very sensitive about their appearance and about any type of aesthetic problem, even the smallest. At the Dermatology departments in On Clinic branches we successfully treat a range of dermatological problems:  

-          Psoriasis – natural treatments that are not based on steroids and are hormone free
-          Diagnosis and treatment of acne
-          Treatment of atopic dermatitis
Alongside their Dermatology departments, several branches operate Esthetics departments that provide additional aesthetic treatments:

-          Laser-based hair removal

-          Anti-aging treatment to rejuvenate facial skin

-          Botox injections

-          Hyaluronic Acid anti-wrinkle injections

-          Treatments to reduce body measurements

-          Nail and hair treatments

-          Cosmetic treatments

Psoriasis Treatment – no steroid, no hormones

Psoriasis, known since ancient times, is a disease that presents as unpleasant itchiness and redness on the skin's surface. Since this is a chronic disease related to a genetic disorder, to date no medication that been developed that enables full recovery from this disease, yet for over 15 years we have proven that it is possible to offer psoriasis patients relief and greatly improve their quality of life.
On Clinic's dermatologists specialize in treating the dermatological symptoms of Psoriasis using natural ingredients originating from the Dead Sea. These substances are known for their extraordinary properties and their positive effects on skin disorders, particularly Psoriasis. Note that at On Clinic we use natural substances only, without no steroids and hormones. Patients typically feel significant relief within two weeks. Naturally, the longer a patient continues treatment, the longer the remission period, and the better his or her quality of life.

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About On Clinic
On Clinic is an international Dutch company that has been operating a network of private clinics throughout the world for over 30 years.
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News of On Clinic
Medical On Group is planning to open a new branch in the beautiful city of Belgorod. The branch in Belgorod, will offer to the citizens living not far from the Ukraine border special ambulatory services in the medical fields of Proctology, Urology, Gynecology, Dermatology, Cosmetology and laboratory.
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