On Clinic chain has more than 25 years of experience in proctology, and is deservedly recognized as the world's leading chain in this field. The treatments spare patients the need for surgery, hospitalization and anesthesia.
Founded in 1987, On Clinic was the first network of private clinics in the world to offer the male population treatment for sexual functioning.
The On Clinic gynecologist accompanies a woman throughout her years of fertility, pregnancy and births, and offers advice in all matters related to fertility, recommends hormonal treatments, provides information about birth control if necessary, treats infections, illnesses and chronic infections typical of the female reproductive system, and of course accompanies her through the menopause period after the fertility age and during the golden years.
On Clinic's dermatologists specialize in treating the dermatological symptoms of Psoriasis using natural methods without hormones and without steroids.
The innovative treatment methods used at On Clinic enable bothersome and unaesthetic veins to vanish without requiring surgery.
Chronic wounds
On Clinic surgeons use innovative ambulatory technologies that enable healing of chronic, hard to heal wounds without invasive surgical intervention.
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Proctology – Experience transformed into success

On Clinic chain has more than 25 years of experience in proctology, and is deservedly recognized as the world's leading chain in this field. The physicians at On Clinic, that operate dozens of branches throughout the world, specialize in ambulatory solutions to hemorrhoid and fissure problems. The treatments conducted at On Clinic clinics spare patients the need for surgery, hospitalization and anesthesia, and just as important – spare them the side effects and suffering associated with surgical procedures.

Hemorrhoids? Fissures?

Worldwide success – individual treatment

Thanks to the extensive experience accumulated over the years in dozens of branches in numerous countries throughout the world, and thanks to information exchange between the chain's physicians, On Clinic can boast a success rate of more than 90%. This means that patients, both men and women, who come to one of our clinics with a hemorrhoid or fissure problem can be at least 90% certain that their problem will be solved through several straightforward and simple treatments performed inside the clinic, without requiring any surgical intervention. A patient can drive him/herself to the clinic and after treatment drive back home on his/her own, since our proctology experts do their utmost to ensure that the procedure does not impair the patient's daily routine. To this end, at the physicians' disposal are several treatment methods from which they can choose, and each patient receives an individual treatment program suitable for his/her problem, age and medical condition.

One out of every two people suffer from this problem – and we have a solution for each and every one of them

Statistics indicate that nearly 50% of the adult population in the modern world suffers from various proctologic problems, primarily due to improper eating habits and additional factors stemming from the stress of our modern lifestyle. There are, of course, other causes from hemorrhoid and fissure problems: among young women, the percentage of patients suffering from these problems increases during pregnancy and childbirth; among athletes and fitness enthusiasts who work out a lot at the gym, the problem is a result of applying too much pressure to the pelvic and lower abdomen area. Among drivers, hi-tech workers, clerks and people who work in offices all day long, proctologic problems may be due to many hours of sitting on a chair and lack of sufficient exercise. There are additional factors such as constipation, and genetics and heredity that also impact on those suffering from these problems. And their suffering is indeed severe. Hemorrhoids and fissures are usually accompanied by pain and bleeding that cause real discomfort, make it difficult to sit and perform simple daily activities, damage everyday routines and significantly impair the patient's quality of life.

25 years of international experience at your service

On Clinic physicians have a solution for everyone, and for nearly every type of problem. In order to ensure that patients receive the very finest medical service, On Clinic adopts the most innovative technologies, advanced treatment methods and most efficient equipment. Hundreds of thousands of patients treated by On Clinic's Proctology department over the past 25 years are living proof of the efficiency of the treatment methods and expertise of the our physicians.

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About On Clinic
On Clinic is an international Dutch company that has been operating a network of private clinics throughout the world for over 30 years.
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News of On Clinic
Medical On Group is planning to open a new branch in the beautiful city of Belgorod. The branch in Belgorod, will offer to the citizens living not far from the Ukraine border special ambulatory services in the medical fields of Proctology, Urology, Gynecology, Dermatology, Cosmetology and laboratory.
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