On Clinic chain has more than 25 years of experience in proctology, and is deservedly recognized as the world's leading chain in this field. The treatments spare patients the need for surgery, hospitalization and anesthesia.
Founded in 1987, On Clinic was the first network of private clinics in the world to offer the male population treatment for sexual functioning.
The On Clinic gynecologist accompanies a woman throughout her years of fertility, pregnancy and births, and offers advice in all matters related to fertility, recommends hormonal treatments, provides information about birth control if necessary, treats infections, illnesses and chronic infections typical of the female reproductive system, and of course accompanies her through the menopause period after the fertility age and during the golden years.
On Clinic's dermatologists specialize in treating the dermatological symptoms of Psoriasis using natural methods without hormones and without steroids.
The innovative treatment methods used at On Clinic enable bothersome and unaesthetic veins to vanish without requiring surgery.
Chronic wounds
On Clinic surgeons use innovative ambulatory technologies that enable healing of chronic, hard to heal wounds without invasive surgical intervention.
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Founded in 1987, On Clinic was the first network of private clinics in the world to offer the male population treatment for sexual functioning, at a time when no one in the world dared to talk about these "sensitive" issues out loud.
Many years have elapsed, and in numerous countries the name On Clinic has become synonymous with the treatment of male sexual functioning.
The 25 years of experience accumulated by On Clinic's urologists in the treatment of hundreds of thousands of patients throughout the world have made us experts in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual functioning problems and urologic problems, since in the field of medicine experience is so very important. Thanks to the close cooperation and knowledge exchange between physicians in various branches and countries, the On Clinic network has accumulated extensive know-how and experience that is priceless. This extensive knowledge is at the disposal of each and every one of the network's physicians, and it is thanks to it that On Clinic patients throughout the world benefit from the most effective treatment and the most advanced technology in this field.   
On Clinic offers a range of treatments:

1.      Improving sexual functioning – treatments suitable for all men, of all ages and in all medical conditions
a.       Improvement of sexual functioning in cases of weak erections
b.      Improvement of sexual functioning in cases of premature ejaculation
c.       Improvement of sexual functioning in men suffering from diabetes (for most of them, the standard drugs available in the market are not sufficiently effective)
d.      Improvement of sexual functioning in men suffering from hypertension and from heart disease
2.      Treatment of the prostate and prostatitis
a.       Benign enlargement of the prostate (in Russia and the Ukraine)
b.      Treatment of prostatitis (in Russia and the Ukraine) and prostate infections
Medical progress equal improved quality of life

Medical advances now enable nearly every man, at any age and in any medical condition, to improve his sex life and to restore pleasure and self-confidence. At On Clinic, we see the results every day.
Men who contacted On Clinic can bear firsthand testimony to the great contribution of our physicians to improving their quality of life, as well as to a more harmonious family life and improved self-confidence. Over the past 25 years On Clinic has succeeded in creating a revolution in all matters related to sexual functioning. It introduced the idea that sexual functioning problems, as well as prostate and prostatitis problems, are legitimate subjects that should be discusses and more importantly, should be treated – at any age.
No more hiding behind the veil of shame

The shame barrier and age barrier no longer restrict men in this new era. The variety of medical solutions that modern medicine has to offer young men as well as older man aged 50 and even more than 70, suffering from hypertension, diabetes or heart disease, enables them to resume full and satisfying sexual functioning. Most of the older men that contact On Clinic wish to resume functioning as they functioned when they were young and handsome… and why not? At any age the joy of sex gives a man, and his partner, as sense of satisfaction and ultimate pleasure, both physical and emotional. When treatment is performed by experienced physicians and in a clinic which specializes in this field, the results speak for themselves, and patients enjoy a marked improvement in their quality of life.
At On Clinic, the results speak for themselves

Over the past 25 years, the goal of our urologists is one: to provide every man contacting the clinic with the improvement he seeks. Some men wish to increase the level of excitement, others seek to prolong the experience, while still others want to be able to do more… we at On Clinic believe that every man has the right to individually define his desires, and furthermore, we know that when we help one patients, we are actually helping two people, since the held extends to his partner, and sexual functioning is one of the most important elements in creating intimacy and preserving a relationship's ardor.
Men who come to On Clinic for consultation and treatment give a sigh of relief when we explain that at least 1 of 8 men suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction.  And among older men, the rate is 1 of 3 men. Surprising? Not really. It seems that a decline in sexual functioning is a natural phenomenon as we grow older with numerous causes:

1.      Physiological reasons – weaker blood circulation due to obstructions in blood vessels – as a result of advanced age, diabetes or heart disease
2.      Side effects of medication
3.      Diabetes – that damages small blood vessels and causes a decline in sexual functioning
4.      Vascular problems
5.      Cardiac problems
6.      Hormonal problems – when a testosterone deficiency is diagnosed
7.      Obesity and higher than normal cholesterol
8.      Widower's Syndrome from which many older men suffer
9.      Side effects of smoking and drinking alcohol
10.    Emotional stress

Among younger men – premature ejaculation and performance anxiety are more common.
As said above, nearly 1 out of every 8 men suffer from sexual dysfunction, but nearly every patient at On Clinic with any sort of sexual functioning problem, no matter what his age, will succeed in improving his sexual functioning.
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About On Clinic
On Clinic is an international Dutch company that has been operating a network of private clinics throughout the world for over 30 years.
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Medical On Group is planning to open a new branch in the beautiful city of Belgorod. The branch in Belgorod, will offer to the citizens living not far from the Ukraine border special ambulatory services in the medical fields of Proctology, Urology, Gynecology, Dermatology, Cosmetology and laboratory.
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